A Brush Every 3 Months

$4.00 every 3 months

One kids brush will be mailed to you every 3 months!

There’s enough to keep up with in our day-to-day lives… getting a new toothbrush shouldn’t be on that list!

We will mail you a new Toof-inger Brush every 3 months.  When you get your new brush in the mail just get rid of the old one and keep on smiling.  Assorted colors.  It’ll be a surprise every time.

The brush’s handle allows for thorough hygiene while encouraging proper brushing technique.  The Toof-inger Brush encourages you to apply appropriate pressure while brushing.  Its contoured design offers a comfortable grip and makes it easier to get those hard to reach places.

The longer you use it the more you will like it, guaranteed!


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Blue, Green, Pink, Red