Toof-inger Brush™

One (1) Toof-inger Brush™

With proper use of The Toof-inger Brush™ you can reduce the risk of gum line recession related brushing too aggressively. The instrument's straight forward design allows for thorough hygiene while encouraging proper brushing technique. By only providing space for the use of two fingers and an opposable thumb, The Toof-inger Brush™ reduces the physical capability to brush too hard, as well as actively encourages you to apply appropriate pressure while brushing. This toothbrush has a contoured design which offers a firm and comfortable grip, while remaining versatile enough for normal instrument manipulation during brushing.

One Toof-inger Brush™ will be donated to NCMOM for every one Toof-inger Brush™ purchased at regular price!


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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 5 cm