Better Brush

Solves the problem of brushing too hard.

Solves the problem of brushing too hard.

GREAT brush for kids.

GREAT brush for kids.

Comfortable to hold at any angle.

Comfortable to hold at any angle.

Our one-of-a-kind ergonomic handle changes your brushing experience.

Our one-of-a-kind ergonomic handle changes your brushing experience.

Ergonomic Grip

The handle has an ergonomic grip for a comfortable hold at any angle.

Soft Bristles

The bristles are soft with an elevated-tip to help reach behind and between teeth.

Distinctive Handle

The mid-section is pliable and will flex when unhealthy pressure is applied.

We like smiles…. they are our favorite.

Every time you order we donate to kids around the world.

If you need brushes donated, drop us a line and we’ll will do what we can.


Better Schedule

Do you know how often do you’re supposed to replace your toothbrush…. or the last time you did?

Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, so we’ve made that easy.

Order a subscription and we will mail you a new brush on your timeline.

When the new brush arrives get rid of the old one and keep smiling.


We like to keep things simple.

No hidden fees. Easy to cancel. Money back guarantee.

We are so confident you’ll love our brush that we’ll give a full refund if you use it for 2 weeks and still don’t like it!


The head-size is tiny and offers an ideal fit for most children and small mouths.


The head-size is compact and offers an ideal fit for most adult mouths.

 Veteran owned and operated small business

 Uses less plastic than other toothbrushes

 Order online to save time and money

See what our clients says
about the product

I believe this toothbrush will help to prevent aggressive brushing, and through that reduce the risk of gum recession, enamel wear, and tooth sensitivity. Getting patients to brush regularly is step one. Step two is getting them to do it right. The Toof-inger brush doesn’t allow them to make the most common mistake.

Jessica L. Bishop


The design of this innovative toothbrush corrects maladaptive brushing and fosters healthy practices.

Christie Sanford


This simple, yet ingenious idea will change the way we have thought about brushing. As a clinician, I am excited to offer The Toof-inger Brush™.

Kelly F. Viau


I am a Swiss Periodontist and I am really impressed by your simple, but obviously very effective, and novel idea of a toothbrush.

Frauke Berres


Many of my patients are very aggressive with their tooth brushing and I would love to be able to offer them one of these toothbrushes to help prevent further recession and tooth damage.

Cassandra M Coopmans

Registered Dental Hygienist

This toothbrush helps with good oral hygiene and it will absolutely encourage healthy brushing technique.

Jasmine Armstrong

Registered Dental Hygienist

My kids love their new Toof-inger Brush! It’s a hit in my household.

Ben T.

A Toof-inger Client

Getting a new brush in the mail is so convenient! I don’t have to remember with the family needs new brushes anymore.

Ann C.

A Toof-inger Client

Excellent toothbrush – terrific idea! Things like this… it’s what makes America great!

Tim H.

A Toof-inger Client

I was pleasantly surprised after trying it. I like how the handle won’t let me put too much pressure.

Ashley H.

A Toof-inger Client

I love my new Toof-inger…. never realized how hard I was really brushing with my old brush.

Luke Y.

A Toof-inger Client

The handle is great; this brush really is better than my old brush.

Jeremy W.

A Toof-inger Client

I immediately felt the difference with this handle and my eight year old loves his just as much.

Paul O.

I tried your toothbrush and loved it!! Seriously, it so versatile that I feel like I easily got to some places that are otherwise hard or painful to reach.

Bertrand G.

A Toof-inger Client

Wow… what a great toothbrush! It makes brushing for my 4 year old so much better.

John M.

A Toof-inger Client

I love the way it makes me focus while brushing and corrects my tendency to press hard and brush fast. Great toothbrush.

Ryan V.

A Toof-inger Client

The first time I used it I was impressed. I wish I had this product 10 years ago!

Ashli B.

A Toof-inger Client

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